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2016-2017 Staff

Rachel Simkins

staff writer

Rachel Simkins is a Sophomore at South Lakes high school. She is a staff writer in the journalism class. She is interested in music and sports and is passionate about writing.

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Ali Said

staff writer

Ali Said loves music, film editing, drawing/writing, and making people smile He is very inspired by music and film editing. He gained a passion for these two talents at a young age. He believes that you can express these tal...

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Aidan Protheroe

staff writer

Aidan Protheroe a Staff Writer in 9th grade at South Lakes. He enjoys reading, Writing, and listening to music, like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Pierce the Veil. He also likes watching TV, specifically a lot of cartoons ...

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Leah Weizman

staff writer

Leah Weizman 9th Grade Staff Writer Interests- playing lacrosse and field hockey, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, traveling, and listening to music Leah Weizman is currently a freshman at South Lakes. She h...

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Olivia Cochis

staff writer

Olivia Cochis is a 9th grade staff writer. Her sport interests are cross country running, track and swimming. She also has interests in music,art and writing. She also enjoys traveling to different places, and making new experien...

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Kelsey Sledzik

staff writer

Kelsey Sledzik 9th Grade Staff Writer Interests: Music, Tennis/Sports, Animals, Netflix Kelsey is a freshman at South Lakes High School Coming from Langston. Kelsey plans on being on the school's tennis team. She has alwa...

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Kevin McManus

staff writer

Kevin McManus was born one of three in New York on March 22nd and moved to Reston, Virginia when he was about 3 years old and has lived in the same house for almost 12 years. He currently lives with his parents, two sisters, ...

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Kiran Kumar

photo editor & staff writer

Kiran is a junior who really likes reading, writing, petting dogs and fighting people on the internet. They want to be a librarian when they grow up, because that’s the only way they can spend all their time around the Harry...

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Rachel Smith

staff writer

Her name is Rachel Smith and she is a freshman staff writer. She enjoys playing Lacrosse.

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Sophia Landeryou

staff writer

Her name is Sophia. She is a freshman staff writer. She enjoys swimming and playing soccer.

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Kristina Schwarzkopf

staff writer

Kristina Schwarzkopf is a sophomore who is continuing journalism for the second year working as the head of advertising and on articles. She likes to play soccer and play video games  and her hobbies include watching TV and YouTube...

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Brianna Jenkins

staff writer

Brianna is a senior at South Lakes High School. In her free time she likes to discover new music, binge watch television series from the early 00s and write poetry that will never see the light of day outside of her decrepit...

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Chelsea Rowell


Chelsea is a junior and this is her third year on the Sentinel staff.  She enjoys eating quality pho, listening to eclectic music, and crying.  She is also on the South Lakes swim team, and hopes to eventually become a journalist.

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Birk Slothouber

staff writer

Birk is a staff writer at the South Lakes Sentinel who hopes to be an actual journalist someday. He is in 10th grade and is still referring to himself in the third person for some reason.

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Pramod Mamillapalli

Online Editor

Pramod Mamillapalli is a sophomore at South Lakes High School. This is his second year working for the school newspaper. He loves to write his own creative stories and really loves art and photography.

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Madison Evans

Sports writer

Madison is a sophomore who cheers on varsity at south lakes

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Sarah McKinley

Sports Writer

Sarah likes playing ice hockey and writing. She is a sophomore at South Lakes.

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Briana Carter

Features Editor

Briana Carter is a Junior at South Lakes High School. This is her third year at the journalism team, and she look forward to writing new articles.  Her hobbies include sports, writing, and listening to music, and she is currentl...

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