Never give up


No amount of emphasis will ever be enough to explain that in softball, it is crucial to never give up.

This game is one where it can change in the blink of an eye, both literally and metaphorically.

Unless you want to see a domino effect of errors occur as the other team runs circles around you, you need to have mental toughness in order to play softball.

If you drop a routine pop-up, instead of mentally yelling at yourself, let it be motivation to do better from there on out.

If you strike out, know that you will have another chance. So instead of pouting, keep cheering for your teammates because no one wants to hear silence from the dugout when they are at the plate.

Staying upbeat and not being hard on yourself is difficult, some may say it is near impossible. However, it is a necessary component in playing softball.

Any team can keep playing when they are up by twenty points, but it takes a true team to battle back from being down and refuse to give up.