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How to deal with tryouts

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

February 26, 2015

It is no secret that tryouts can create stress. You are competing against other athletes for a limited number of spots on a team. During tryouts, you feel the watchful eye of the coaches as they pick apart your game and decide whether you would be valuable to their team. While the stress deriving...


Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

December 18, 2014

Your teammates are a significant part of your softball life. Without them you would not have a team to play on, anyone to practice with, or experience the special bond that only exists between teammates. Teammates need to have each others back, that is the only way a team can and will function properly....

Do not make excuses

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

December 11, 2014

You either want to play softball or not; it is that simple. It takes hard work and dedication in order to succeed in softball. You should play only play softball if you truly want to. If you play softball but not for the right reasons, you will start to make excuses. Whether you fake an injury...

The off-season

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

December 4, 2014

No amount of prayers or hopeful wishes can keep the cold weather away. As the fall season progresses, the weather gets worse. Even over a weeks span, the temperature fluctuates from the mid 70’s to the mid 40’s. There is no question that, unless you have an indoor field, it is nearly impossible...

Never let a loss keep you down

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

November 6, 2014

These is no question that winning feels better than losing. Whether you crushed a team by 10 or barely beat them by one, just the knowledge that you got the “W” can be enough to make ones day. The thing you have to remember though is that at one point or another you were the team who was mercy...

How to beat a slump

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

October 30, 2014

Being in a slump is hard on an athlete. Not only does it affect you physically but it also affects you mentally. Hitting is a key part of softball. Even if your defense in amazing and you shut your opponent out, if you cannot score then the game will end as a tie. The irony behind hitting is while...

One day

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

October 23, 2014

One day you will be on your way to your last practice, one day you will be shaking your opponents hands for the last time, and one day you are no longer going to be able to play the game you love. Softball is full of uncertainties. When you can no longer say “I play softball,” it would be as predictable...

Practice is necessary for success

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

October 16, 2014

You cannot succeed if you do not practice. In softball, repetition is essential to furthering your skills. There is no doubt that games can be more exciting. You have an opponent, something at stake, and a time limit to reach your goal. Many believe that when compared to practice, games are more...


Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

October 9, 2014

“Respect” is a simple seven letter word that can make a huge difference of the enjoyment of game. As a softball player, it is necessary to have respect for your teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and the game itself. One of the worst feelings in the world is to have your teammate yell at...

Practice makes permanent

Meaghan McIntyre, opinion editor

October 2, 2014

“Practice makes perfect,” is a universal phrase that has been in existence for a long time. Throughout their lives, athletes practice the art of repetition in hopes of eventually achieving perfection. In softball and baseball, both which have been called a game of errors, true perfection is near...

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