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OPINION: The age of athletes not getting involved in politics Is over

There will not be a quick ending to these injustices. The US will never be a country where 100% of the population is not racist and there are no racist, hateful people. What is possible, though, is to listen to those who have been discriminated against. Many athletes have had bad experiences with racial issues in this country, and using their platforms, change can be made. People can see these issues that are happening to society’s greatest athletes. World class athletes, yes the same ones that are on TV every night, go through the same experiences as everyone else, and they too want racial equality.
August 29, 2020
Those who are opposed to it seem to believe in the fact that Black people are not entitled to the same rights as white people. These are the same people who relish in African American culture, music, and still believe in the fact that this community is less than theirs.

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