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Howling Halloween Dog Contest

Ali Said, staff writer

November 17, 2016

I  have a question for you. What’s more adorable than a dog? The answer is, a dog Halloween costume contest! On Saturday, October 29th was the first ever halloween dog costume contest in the Reston Town Center. There were dozens of dogs that participated in the event, along with coming in spirit. Ow...

Halloween Movie Recommendations

Picture of Ouija: Origins of Evil Poster

Leah Weizman, staff writer

November 2, 2016

Although Halloween is over, here are some movies to keep you in the Halloween spirit all year round: Ouija: Origin of Evil- Ouija just recently came out on October 21, 2016. In this movie, fortuneteller Alice Zander creates fake séances with her two daughters Lina and Doris. Alice decides to incorporate a...

7 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Picture from

Kelsey Sledzik, staff writer

November 1, 2016

Last minute Halloween costume idea! For those of you who are as lazy as I am and don't have time to go and buy one, here are some quick easy Halloween costumes for you! 1. Cowboy/Cowgirl Supplies Needed: Cowboy hat Cowboy boots 2. Robber Supplies Needed: Black and white striped sh...

Halloween DIY

Picture from

Mieka Machida, staff writer

November 1, 2016

Little wall decor bats 1.First download a free template at Then print the page from your home computer, cut it out, and now you have a pattern piece. 3.Use black cardstock or construction paper. I found a packet of all-black ...

Halloween’s History

Halloween's History

Leana Travis, staff writer

November 1, 2016

Whether it’s the thrilling movies or the free candy, Halloween has something for everyone, but only a few people know how it came to be. It is known to be a holiday of creative costumes and chocolate enough to last months, but it hasn’t always been this way. It all began with a Gaelic Festival called...

Halloween Movie Classics

Halloween Movie Classics

Savanna Kehl

October 30, 2016

Halloween is a season filled with fun activities such as trick or treating, costume parties and pumpkin patches. If you’re looking for a night in this year, why not have a Halloween movie night? Here are some of our favorite Halloween movie classics that will insure a fun night in with friends and...

Send out the Clowns…

This is the clown from the Stephen King movie, It.

Pramod Mamillapalli

October 18, 2016

Back in the day, clowns represented joy and laughter. But if you ask someone what a clown represented now, you will probably here words such as “scary” or “creepy”. How can clowns go from entertaining children at birthday parties to chasing people with weapons in the middle of the night. I guess...

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