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New flex schedule begins Sept. 7

Rachel Rogers, Seahawk Stories editor

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As the new school year begins so does the new study periods, Seahawk Seminar and Rewards and Remediation, which will replace the previous Flex program.

Abbreviated as SS and R & R, these programs are the new way to help struggling students and reward the students in good standing.

“It’s an effort to target the needs of the students and make sure that they are met,” said front desk secretary Elizabeth Knapp.

This change was brought up by the lack of students who did not use the Flex period to their advantage, or could not because of the movement restrictions of the Flex program.

“Our seminar schedule worked well for the students who were already doing well,” said Principal Bruce Butler. “However, for students who needed help, the schedule made it hard for them to be where they needed to be.”

This new system is broken down into two 45 minute segments, SS and R & R, which will take up fourth period on green days.

SS will copy the learning seminar structure, which assigns a different class period that students must go to every SS.

R & R will introduce a new system, which will allow students to travel to any classroom, including the library and cafeteria. Unlike the old system, students will not have an assigned classroom to check in with first.

Another change is the opening of the cafeteria for homework if a student does not have a specific class they need to catch up on studies.

For students struggling in class, free travel will not be available.

“Students who need help will be directed directly to the classes that they need help in,” said Butler.

Students with a D or F in any class must report to the teacher of that class until the grade is raised. If a student is failing more than one class, they will receive a personalized schedule which assigns them specific classes, with core classes taking higher priority.

Students will also be restricted if they obtain six or more tardies or have a referral.

South Lakes will begin Seahawk Seminar as soon as the year begins, but will not introduce Rewards and Remediation until the first quarter interims are sent out. The grades that dictate whether a student receives rewards or remediation will also be decided by both quarter and interim grades.

“It’s a good incentive to keep your grades up,” said sophomore Sophie Barrowman, who acknowledges that student grades are worse during interims.

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New flex schedule begins Sept. 7