South Lakes Sentinel

2018-2019 Staff

Adriana Agic

Staff Writer

Adriana Agic is a sophomore in high school. She is a part of the GLI Club and takes piano outside of school. This is Adriana’s second year in journalism, and she is psyched to write editorials and opinion articles for the newspaper....

Rhea Braganza

Staff Writer

Rhea is a sophomore. She is a staff writer. Rhea spends her time volunteering in Reston and swimming for Herndon Aquatics Club (HAC).

Shuhd Sirelkhatim Ahmed

Staff Writer and Photographer

Shuhd is a junior at South Lakes. She is taking journalism for the second year and is the photographer, photo editor, and writer in the South Lakes Sentinel. She like reading, writing, watching old movies, and spending time w...

Aidan Protheroe

Staff Writer

Aidan Protheroe is a Junior at South Lakes and this is his third year as a sentinel staff member. He enjoys watching tv, making art, and listening to music.

Taylor Anderson

Staff Writer

Taylor is a freshman at South Lakes, staff writer, editor, and director of advertising, She loves to write and is very excited to continue journalism in high school. She hopes to attend Columbia University to pursue writing an...

Marc Goldstein

Staff Writer

Marc is a freshman at South Lakes this year. He enjoys playing baseball in his free time. This is his first year on the newspaper staff and is very excited to start working on it.

Sean Caceres

Staff Writer

Sean is a Freshman and this is his first year on the Sentinel staff. In Sean’s free time he likes to hang with his friends and to just have a good time overall.

Saousane Bejjaji

Staff Writer

 Saousane is a sophomore and new member of the newspaper staff. She loves tennis and is a part of the South Lakes Girls Tennis Team. Saousane’s favorite place is Bouznika Beach. Usually, you will find Saousane shopping...

Mercer Thomas

Layout Editor

Mercer is a Freshman at South Lakes High School. She does horseback riding and is on the South Lakes Robotics team. This is her first year being on the newspaper staff. She is so excited about being an Editorial writer for the Sen...

Megan Gillespie

Staff Writer

This is Megan’s second year in the newspaper staff for the Seahawk Sentinel. She loves writing and learning and hopes to learn some new writing skills this year.

Maddy McFarlin

Sports Editor

Maddy is a Sophomore in High School and is also a part of the South Lakes Dance Team! This is her second year in journalism and she is so excited to be writing sports for the newspaper this year. In her free time she dances at ...

Joseph Brotemarkle

Staff Writer

Joey Brotemarkle is a freshman at South Lakes High school. He is playing freshman football and is really excited to be taking journalism.

Jordan Anderson

Staff Writer

Jordan is a Staff writer and a captain on the Cross Country team. She also competes in Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field on the varsity team as well as in DECA.

Izzy Abbondanza

Sports Editor

Izzy is a sophomore at South Lakes and this is her second year in the Journalism program. She is a goalie for the South Lakes girls lacrosse team and in her free time she enjoys listening to music and finding new recipes to cook...

Helen Ehrlich

News Editor

Helen is news editor and assistant to the editor in chief.  She is a staff writer for Affinity Magazine, and attends NVWP. She enjoys politics, activism and charity work.

Daphne Ngo

Staff Writer

Daphne is a freshman, and this is her first year working as a features writer on the Sentinel. In her spare time, Daphne enjoys reading and writing stories and hanging out with her friends.

Brooke Snyder

Staff Writer

This is Brooke’s first year as a South Lakes student and she is ecstatic about being a part of the south lakes sentinel. She has always been passionate about writing and researching and is looking to have a lot of fun this year....

Ben Zalles

Staff Photographer and Writer

Ben is a sophomore at South Lakes High School, and this is his second year on the staff of the South Lakes Sentinel. He enjoys boxing, photography, dogs, and rock music. 

Leana Travis


Leana Travis is a junior, and it's her third year on the Sentinel staff. In her spare time, she likes to read and make music. She's thrilled to be the editor of the Sentinel and hopes to bring about some positive change. ...

Miranda Sandoval

Staff Writer

Miranda Sandoval is a senior and online editor for the South Lakes Sentinel. She enjoys writing stories and poetry, good food, and going on adventures.

Pramod Mamillapalli

Layout Editor

Pramod Mamillapalli is a senior at South Lakes High School. This is his fourth year working for the school newspaper. He loves to write and really loves art and photography.

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