“Forever 21” is more like “Ending 21”


Image via BBC

Saousane Bejjaji, Staff writer

The infamous store that helped popularize trendy and cheap clothing, Forever 21 (F21), has filed for bankruptcy. After experiencing a decline in sales caused by the rise of competition from online sellers like Amazon, its seems like the store has fallen out of favor with Gen-z shoppers. 

Many are asking how come other fast fashion, in-person stores aren’t suffering the same wrath that F21 is, and why don’t fans of the F21 just shop on their online store? The truth is, fast fashion simply lacks that sought after sense of individuality Gen-z shoppers aim to have. Eccentric clothing that you wouldn’t see at your run-of-the-mill store has gained popularity amidst young shoppers. Online sites like Depop and ASOS are growing in popularity. While thrift stores are joining in on the new craze of unique, recycled fashion. Environmentally conscious shoppers are switching to brands that recycle and humanely create clothing instead of retailers that use cheap fabrics. 

Consumers weren’t too shy to share their thoughts about Forever 21’s out-of-touch designs: 

As for our own peers at SLHS, many don’t seem to be too bummed about the store’s downfall; When asked whether she knew about the closing of the store, Melania Siuhengalu, a junior, said, “Yeah, it’s sad that the store’s closing, but It’s not really my go-to store so it won’t affect me that much really.” 

When asked about her feelings about the closing of the store, junior Gabrielle Aucella said,  “I don’t really like the clothes at Forever 21 so I’m not too upset that it’s going bankrupt. It was a good store to get some clothes for cheap, but it won’t be missed by me.”