SS/SOAR changes


Camilla Wynes, Staff Writer

Since this school year began, the county has had to adapt and make some changes to the way everything works. Recently they’ve altered Seahawk Seminar (SS) and SOAR (SOAR is South Lakes’ Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports system, which stands for Scholarship, Ownership, Awareness, Respect). 

As opposed to having SOAR once a week on Wednesday, it is now on both green days. The expectation for SOAR is now watch the student news, do a SOAR lesson, or choice board.

To access details about your SS/SOAR schedule, you can go to Student Nav here and click on the Seahawk Seminar tab.

As for your SS period, you should be checking Google Classroom or logging onto Blackboard Collaborate to see what assignments you should be doing. Many teachers have chosen to make this a free period in hopes of lightening the workload.