Time management tips & tricks


Photo taken from Bellarmine Magazine

“Good time management enables you to work smarter – not harder -” says the Mind Tools Newsletter, “you get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high.”
Time management gives one an advantage over their hectic schedule or chaotic calendar. The ability to deal with multiple things at once, organize your thoughts, and to create lists can be a tremendous help.

Everyone’s methods for organization are different, and finding one that works the best for you and your schedule is important. Luckily, finding helpful tips does not have to be a treacherous expedition. Researching specific tips can be done within seconds, in fact, a number of universal ones can be utilized.

Number one, know your goals. Knowing what you are planning to achieve plays a major role in the completion of your desired task. Lacking awareness of an objective will impact your ability to focus and meet deadlines. Try to make a list of goals each month to encourage motivation and completion.
Second, prioritize sensibly. Categorizing each of your tasks will increase abilities involving staying on task. Categories should include one labeled, “Important” or “Urgent,” another entitled “Long-term” (for projects lasting more than a few days), and “Busy work” (for fairly unnecessary or low priority works). Checking off your important assignments or tasks gives a sense of accomplishment coupled with relief. Completing the less urgent tasks should take less time and can provide a breather. As for long-term projects, try to work on small parts of them each day so that last minute rushing or cramming is avoided.

Lastly, put away all distractions. Studying or working in an environment devoid of distractions is the most essential rule of progressive time management. With cell phones as the worst culprit of teenage procrastination, many sources have confirmed statistics outlining adolescent screen time struggles.

In fact, 24% of teens are reported that they have been negatively impacted by social media and cell phones in the form of a distraction or an addiction, according to the Pew Research Center.
However, new technologies can either be used as an asset to proper time management or end up becoming a distraction within your work space.

Time organization is a strong, smart path for anyone willing to guide their concentration on track to great accomplishments. A combination of methods can be extremely useful in managing one’s time, and taking advantage of them promises rewarding results!