What your favorite school subject says about you


Image via Financial Tribune

Audrey Wheeler, Staff Writer


Let’s face it, you might not be a huge fan of some of your classes in particular, but you probably have one specific class that is different from the rest of your courses. The course that you look forward to, and are actually excited about going to. You may have only one favorite, or maybe you love all of your classes. Well, wouldn’t you like to know what your all time favorite class (or classes) have to say about your personality type? I know I do! So, continue reading and you just might say, “Wow, that sounds SO much like me it’s scary.” Let’s see if these are as spot on as you think! 



  • Mathematics ~ You have what I like to call “big brain energy.” You are immeasurably intelligent, a remarkable problem-solver (inside and outside of the classroom), you don’t rely on others and are considered super independent. You tend to stay as far as you can from drama and are the mediator of your friend group. Everyone needs a friend like you!




  • Science ~ Your curiosity goes above and beyond everyone else’s standards. You never stop asking questions. You are the lab partner that every student dreams to have. You are detail oriented, and deadlines never scare you because you are the complete opposite of a procrastinator! You love experiencing hands-on projects and you tend to learn better when experiments are involved.




  • Foreign Language ~ You are incredibly adventurous and crave exploration. Hardwork is your middle name. You prefer to daydream about your future rather than to be present. You are a very bright student with crazy amounts of potential, but you tend to be a little distracted every now and then, which is completely normal, we’ve all been there!




  • English ~  You love to dream big and allow your imagination to run wild. You tend to be pretty introverted, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a little on the chaotic side sometimes! While some students prefer hanging out with friends and mingling on the weekend, that isn’t your cup of tea. You have never and will never never leave a task unfinished.




  • History~ You like to do things at your own pace and can be a tad stubborn sometimes. You enjoy placing yourself in other people’s shoes for your own personal perspective. You most likely have an excellent memory (seriously though, give yourself a pat on the back for memorizing all of those historical dates) in the back of your mind. You love learning about former events that you think have shaped the world!
  • Art ~ You pursue your passions, and are extremely easy-going. You never start conflicts and grasp onto different friend groups because of how easily you get along with every type of person. You are introverted around people you don’t know that well, but crazy extroverted around your besties! You find joy in being creative!




  • P.E ~  Physical health is extremely important to you, and you love taking a break from your stress-filled academics. You are a driven individual, and no one ever has to ask you to stay on task! You encourage others to be their best selves and you radiate positivity, along with the best vibes!




  • Music ~ (Band, Chorus, Orchestra) ~ You find delight when it comes to expressing yourself, even in the smallest ways. You aren’t afraid to share your opinion on anything, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily offend others. You are caring and compassionate. You feel empathy, not sympathy. 




  • Dance ~ It is safe to say that you are a total free spirit and full of undeniable energy. You never turn your back on others, even if you don’t know them that well. You find joy in your artistry and choreography because it makes you feel alive (and not to mention, strong!).




  • JROTC ~ You are a natural born leader and you have excellent discipline that has helped you grow and mature in remarkable ways. You have immeasurable respect, strength, and goals that outnumber so many other courses. Although you may get the stereotype of being “too serious”, you love laughing.




  • Computer Programming ~ You are a bit of a smarty-pants and very proud of it! You are the least vague person ever and you need specific examples and details in order to have a great personal work ethic, different from everyone else. You love diving deeper into complications and difficulties because you have so much experience in problem solving that you don’t even have to think about it.




  • Journalism and Yearbook ~ You love channeling your inner creativity through writing, interviewing, editing, photography, or anything that helps you contribute your certain levels of interest to the table. You love working at your own pace while still staying on task. You enjoy researching and getting information on important topics because you are able to pass on your knowledge to those who may want to hear.