Student attention to “Run” steps up

Clayton O'Neil, contributing writer

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   The new computer game sensation “Run” has gained popularity with students.

   “I can’t stop playing it,” said freshman David Otting.

   While directing a small green alien through space, jumping from open spot to open spot to reach the finish line, the game may seem simplistic. However, certain people can find themselves getting a little too caught up with this new game.

   “I’m a beast. I can beat the game in five minutes,” said freshman Rajib Hoq.

   “I try hard to get past Level 10, but for some reason I can’t get it. My computer must be lagging,” said freshman Jack Frail.

   While many enjoy the game there are some haters.

“That game is so boring,” said freshman Ethan Clark. “Why do people get amused from pressing the space bar to make a little green monster jump?”

   For some, getting to play at school is half the fun.

   I love the game, but you will only catch me playing it when I’m bored. It is a harmless game, but for some reason Fairfax County has the website blocked. Little do they know there are two websites to play run. Students know how to get to the game at school.

   “If I am on a desktop I play on “,” said freshman Khiary Denny.

   Many people find the computer game “Run” lots of fun, some think the opposite. The game can be very complicated and make the player very frustrated because they cannot complete the levels.

   “If I am in a good mood before I play, I usually end up aggravated,” said freshman David Otting.

   The sequel came out a few weeks ago. Just like all sequels, it was not as much of a success as the original, but just like “Run,” it takes time to get to the finish line.

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