Holiday Sports Gift Guide


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Christmas -themed football, photo by redmal taken from Getty Images

Maddy McFarlin, staff writer

Holidays are right around the corner and these DIY gift ideas are perfect for any sports lover or athlete! All of these ideas are easy and affordable. At under $15, these DIYs are not only affordable, but they also are easy to make and look good! Enjoy these gift ideas!

DIY Custom Football Ornament
-Small Football
-Acrylic paint
-Logo of your sports team of choice
1.Begin by painting the sections of the football with the colors of your sports team
2.Next, let the football dry and glue it on a printed-out sports logo of choice
3.Finally, attach a string around the football to make it an ornament

DIY Sports Field Bulletin Board
•Bulletin Board
•Fake grass (carpet)
•Heavy adhesive glue
1.Get a bulletin board (any craft store has many different sizes)
2.Measure the amount of fake grass that is needed (it depends on the size of the field being made)- it is very cheap at places like Lowes and Home Depot
If you are doing a baseball field (a tan board is recommended for this):
1.Measure around ⅓ of board and mark it
2.Make a nice, clean curve to other side of bulletin board
3.Cut out the marked grass
4.Make the cut-out piece into a square that isn’t too small
5.Take the grass and cut out semi circles on corners
6.Glue that with a strong adhesive and let it sit overnight
7.Using a sharpie, draw in the baselines and batter’s box (white prefered)
If you are doing a football field:
1.Measure the size of board
2.Cut out grass to fit board
3.Glue with strong adhesive and let it sit overnight
4.Use sharpie to mark yard lines and endzones(white prefered)

Sports Soak for Sore Muscles
1 ½ cups of epsom salts
½ cup coarse sea salt or himalayan pink salt
6-8 drops of essential oils
½ of baking soda
Mason jar
Funnel (optional)
Mix the salt, baking soda, and epsom salt in a bowl

Sports Jersey Pillow
-Sports Jersey
-Hot Glue gun
1. Cut a square just under the neckline and inside the sleeves. Make a cardboard pattern of your pillow. Lay it on the jersey square, centering the logo or numbers, and cut all the way around it, allowing a 2-inch border.
2. Add the back. For the back of the pillow, cut out the back of the jersey or use fabric that matches your décor.
3. Seal it up. Place the two pieces of fabric together, wrong-side-out.Using a hot glue gun glue three sides of the two pieces together, leaving a couple of inches of fabric outside the glue. Turn the pillow inside out and stuff it and then glue the remaining part.