South Lakes Sentinel


The South Lakes Sentinel is an open forum publication serving the South Lakes High School community.

Students may submit material to or respond to stories in the comment section. Student opinion may be published as part of our Student Voices section.

The Sentinel solicits letters to the editor and online responses to published material. Letters and responses must be signed. The editorial board reserves the right to edit such letters for grammar, usage, clarity, punctuation, and length.

The Sentinel will publish no material, including advertising, that is libelous, obscene, or has a clear potential for disruption of the school routine, as has generally been determined by law. The Sentinel staff will make every effort to avoid conflicts of interest, to be fair and balanced in reporting, and to reflect the diverse population of South Lakes High School.

The content of The Sentinel is determined by the editorial board. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the faculty advisor, administration of South Lakes High School, or Fairfax County Public Schools.

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