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Seahawks dominate in fall and winter athletics

Oliver Connell, Staff Writers May 10, 2023

South Lakes has achieved some amazing athletic accomplishments in both fall and winter sports so far this year. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful varsity teams of the 2022-23 school year.  Field...

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Look who’s talking: new AI voice filters pose a tremendous concern

Anna Dooley, Staff Writer April 19, 2023

Your voice or mine? Through a process called deep learning, text can be converted into speech, making it simple to clone anyone’s voice at any time. The world of Artificial Intelligence is progressing...

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The UFC underpaying fighters: An examination of compensation in MMA

Aidan Thomas , Staff Writer March 10, 2023

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion in the world, with a roster of fighters from across the globe. The UFC has grown immensely in popularity over...

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Chat GPT is sweeping American schools

Tadek Wieczorek, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

  Cheating has existed for years in academia. Especially since the pandemic hit, educational institutions have resorted to digital tools to teach students. As a result of the expansive nature of...

Bow Tie Cinema Closes at Reston Town Center

Paige Paulikonis, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

The famous Bow Tie Cinemas in Reston Town Center plans to close sometime in May,  and have not renewed its lease this year. The Bow Tie Cinemas has been a main attraction for those who visit the Reston...

Editorial: Stuck in Thicket: the Nuances of Intellectual Property Law on American Drug Pricing

Taylor Anderson, Assistant Editor in Chief May 16, 2022

I have carried an EpiPen for as long as I can remember. At thirteen, embarrassed by my severe nut allergy, I longed for the day a pocket-sized EpiPen became a reality. But it was not just my self-esteem...

Climate report warns of worsening of global warming

Sarina Nayak, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

By 2085, snow days could become a memory of the past while a month’s worth of temperatures higher than 100° Fahrenheit become the reality for Fairfax County residents. The Fairfax County Office of...

Paperless in a Pandemic

Emmalina Sjapeki, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

The world has transformed so much in the past few years that at times it feels as though we are living in a dystopia. Aside from countries suffering death tolls in the millions and worldwide debates on...

Shaping Perception: the toxic effects of media bias

Veronika Owen, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

The number of people who rely on social media for sourcing news is higher than ever. These sources of information come by that influence and form our belief, and in some instances, very strong beliefs....

NBA MVP Frontrunners

Dylan Walsh, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

With the NBA regular season concluding, one of the biggest discussions coming up in the NBA world is the awards and who is going to win them.  The biggest of those awards is the MVP. This year, there...

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