Fun things to do over summer break


Image via Reston Now

With summer quickly approaching, students might be wondering what to do over the break, or how to spice up the time otherwise spent lying around. Here is a list of fun things to do this summer break. 

The Cardboard Boat Regatta

The Cardboard Boat Regatta held at Lake Anne every year is a cool long term activity to participate in this summer. Contestants build boats out of cardboard over the summer, and then race them in Lake Anne. It’s a fun way to express creative talents, and engineering abilities, and to have fun racing or cheering on the cardboard boats.

Go to the pools

Going to the pools is a classic summertime activity, but it has earned its status for a reason. Jumping into and swimming in cold water is the perfect thing to take the edge off of the oppressive summer heat. Going to the pool with friends would be a terrific way to cool down this summer.

Go on a bike ride

Biking is another timeless classic for summer vacation. Biking around the Reston paths or on the W&OD trail is a great way to kill some time this summer, explore the area, hang out with friends, and stay active. 

Visit DC

Visiting DC can be an enjoyable way to spend some time this summer. Students can take the metro to avoid worrying about parking or needing a ride. Time in DC could be spent looking at memorials, visiting museums, or going to a concert.

Visit Vienna

Visiting Vienna is another activity that could be undertaken this summer. Biking to Vienna is simple, as the W&OD leads from Reston to Vienna, and in Vienna there are a variety of restaurants and stores, and a park.

Paddleboard or Canoe on the Reston Lakes

Paddleboarding or canoeing on the Reston lakes is another exciting water-related activity to do over the summer. It’s a fantastic activity for staying active, and the water is awesome for cooling down.


Hiking in one of the national parks near Reston is another way to stay active this summer, and hiking and exploring the national parks with friends can be a wonderful way to spend a day together.

Hopefully these ideas have provided something to ease the boredom of summer vacation and bring some life to the long non-school weeks.