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Death Note: El nunca completo one-shot / Minoru Tanaka, créditos a Takeshi Obata y Tsugumi Ohba, los creadores de Death Note

Minoru Tanaka: El sucesor de Kira

Dania Hernandez, Editora Internacional September 29, 2023

En los acontecimientos que se desarrollan tras la muerte de Kira, Tokio ha vuelto a la normalidad. Debido a los despiadados asesinatos injustificados de Kira, aumentaron los índices de criminalidad y...

Death Note: The Never Complete One-Shot / Minoru Tanaka, credits to Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, the creators of Death Note

Minoru Tanaka: Kira’s Successor

Dania Hernandez, International Editor September 28, 2023

In the events unfolding after Kira's demise, Tokyo is back to normal. Because of Kira’s ruthless unjustified killings, crime rates arose and an immoral dilemma erupted. Minoru Tanaka’s predecessor,...

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Why are so many people streaming Suits?

Emmalina Sjapeki, Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2023

Have you heard of a little show called Suits?  Chances are you or a friend has opened the Netflix app to see men in, dare I say it, suits, or perhaps the face of former actress and current duchess...

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Drake and Central Cee’s “On the radar” freestyle

Aysha Gulzar and Aleena Wahid September 26, 2023

Now playing Drake and Central Cee’s freestyle “On the radar!” Drake and Central Cee released their collaboration on the hit radio station “On the radar” on July 21, 2023. They got number 80...

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The Eras Tour is coming to a theater near you!

Hannah Siraj, Entertainment Editor September 21, 2023

If you missed the Eras Tour because of the chaotic Ticketmaster scandals, no need to worry! Taylor Swift has announced that the Eras Tour will now be in theaters on Friday, October 13, 2023, right after...

Image from Taste of Country

The Political Rise Of Oliver Anthony

Anna Harris and Kate Green September 20, 2023

Overnight sensation, Oliver Anthony, shook the world by reaching Spotify’s top charts overnight off of his hit song "Rich Men North Of Richmond.” Born and raised in Farmville, Virginia, Anthony sang...

Britney Spears posa durante una sesión de retratos en Los Ángeles, California, en mayo de 1999. Los créditos son para Rolling Stone

Britney Spears anuncia sus próximas memorias

Dania Hernandez, Editora Internacional September 18, 2023

La princesa del pop liberada, Britney Spears, anunció que sus próximas memorias se publicarán este otoño. En junio de 2021, Spears enfrenta su juicio y ganó contra sus opresores; su tutela fue levantada...

Image via Olivia Rodrigo

Album review: GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo

Lucy Rosst, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

The Gen-Z pop star, Olivia Rodrigo is back with a bang, or more accurately, an explosive guitar solo. Rodrigo released her sophomore album, GUTS on September 8, 2023, putting out her “vampire” and...

Travis Scotts Utopia Album, derived from Wikipedia

The ranking of UTOPIA by Travis Scott

Geoffrey Precht, Staff Writer September 14, 2023

"Album of the year."   This phrase is thrown around a lot, with a lot of differing opinions on who deserves the award. However, I believe the album I am reviewing today deserves the title. UTOPIA...

Beyoncé’s mute challenge has reached the classroom, as first graders prove they’re the best at being silent. (Photo: Beyonce/Instagram)

The drama behind Beyonce’s mute challenge

Anna Harris and Katherine Green September 14, 2023

Beyonce's mute challenge is causing mass commotion. You may have heard about this five second challenge of silence. The Beyonce mute challenge happens during the song “Energy” where she says “mute”...

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