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The history of the “Washington Football Team” name & how we got here

Image via WTOP
November 24, 2020

Ever since the 14-2, Joe Gibbs-coached, Air Coryell offense led by Mark Rypien hoisted the Lombardi trophy in 1991, the NFL team that calls Washington D.C. home has been the model of consistency… consistently...

History of NFL Thanksgiving games

Image via the Pro Football Hall of Fame
November 24, 2020

Football is almost as equivalent to Thanksgiving as turkey, stuffing, and pie. Football might be even more synonymous with the holiday than the food! When it comes to Thanksgiving football, most fans think...

The New York Jets Are Utterly Atrocious

Neil Miller /The New York Extra
November 24, 2020

The old saying goes, “New York City is the capital of the world,” and sports are no exception to this phrase, with the Big Apple being a hot spot American sports. Historically, teams playing there...

Washington Football Team midseason report

Image via Vox Media
November 20, 2020

We are now through nine weeks of the 2020 NFL season. The Washington Football team has had one of the most unusual seasons in recent years. Since we are now exactly halfway through the season, let’s...

Revisiting the 2019 World Series Run by the Nationals

Photo via: Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports
November 11, 2020

For any fan of the Washington Nationals (Nats), the 2019 World Series run will always hold a special place to them. Not only because they won the first title in franchise history and first World Series...

Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles World Series: How much does a team’s budget really matter?

Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles World Series: How much does a team's budget really matter?
October 30, 2020

The 2020 World Series has come and gone, with the Los Angeles Dodgers claiming the title, and ending their title drought. The teams both put up a great fight, and it was an exciting and entertaining series...

Modern mysteries in sports

Image via Popular Science
"In the end, it makes one wonder, what is actually happening behind those closed doors and what other mysteries are being hidden from the public just in plain sight?"
October 28, 2020

`When it comes to sports, like any other topic, there are always unknowns and certain things that can’t be proven to be true or false. Certain theories that come up are simply perplexing enough to not...

How COVID regulations differ between sport leagues

Photo via Gail Burton/Associated Press
October 16, 2020

This 2020 season has been the most unique and unprecedented time for all sports around the world. Throughout this pandemic, our world has taken many precautions to prioritize the safety of those who may...

The rise of fantasy football and sports gambling

Photo via Bridget Bennett/New York Times
"Once the major leagues in North America opened Pandora’s Box of gambling, there was no closing it...and there is no way to stop this freight train."
October 16, 2020

Every year around September there is a recurring fad for many households in America. It is the return of football season. The return of football season is more than just lots of people tuning in to watch...

Le’Veon Bell Released after two seasons with the Jets

Photo via: Bleacher Report
October 16, 2020

It was just a few years ago when Le’Veon Bell was one of the top running backs in the NFL. How in two seasons did Bell go from one of the top backs in the league to one of the worst? After a season of...

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