Be confident, not cocky


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Confidence and cockiness are two entirely different traits.

To be confident means you know you are good and have trust in your abilities.

Cockiness is when you think and act like you are best person on the field.

If you are confident, when you go onto the field and simply play the game you love, people will see your talent.

If you are a cocky person, you typically might be over confident in your abilities, and you are not afraid to tell everyone just how good you are.

It is never bad to be confident, but in a game where errors can be frequent on days and hitting the ball three out of ten times is considered good, you do not want to be overconfident which can lead to cockiness.

In softball, cockiness can be an ugly trait because no matter how good you are, you win as a team and lose as a team.

So instead of boasting about yourself, you need to work with your teammates to improve as a whole. Because without them by your side, you would not be able to play the game you love.

Just remember that there is always room for improvement. Trust what you know you can do, but always remember you can do even better and have not reached the top quite yet.

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