Play for you

There are two types of softball players in the world.

The first type are the ones whose parents make them play, they want to hang with friends, they want to be able to put it on a college application, and so on with what seems like a never ending list of reasons.

The second type are the ones who play for their love of the game.

If you are the first type of softball player you need to realize one main thing, your skills will always be limited.

It doesn’t matter if you are naturally athletic or not, if you are not out on the field because you want to be, your success will only go so far.

Softball is a game where you can’t just be good because others will be just as talented. You need to want it to be able to earn the skills.

In order to truly want it, you need to be passionate about the game.

Not loving the game could lead to you not always giving it your all which will affect both you and your teammates.

When a team is on the field, even if they are not as good as another person who is a natural athlete, you can always tell the difference between those who love it and those who do not.

The reason it is so clear is those who want it will do everything they can fix any mistakes while those who do not will give up if it keeps going wrong.

To succeed in softball you need to play for yourself and for the love of the game, end of story.