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Niki’s Guide: get ahead over break

Niki May, staff writers

March 21, 2013

Spring break finally arrived and minds have traveled from schoolwork to vacation, sleep, or relaxation. Before students let their minds wander, they should look at spring break as an opportunity to get caught up or ahead. Of course no student wants to think about school on a break, but just imagine...

The Little Things: more reassuring then Pepto-Bismol

Rachel Rogers, online editor

March 19, 2013

As another winter comes to a close, many are reflecting not on the snow but on the severity of the flu season. According to many sources, including ABC news, the flu season this year showed as many as 26 times more victims then last year. The largest problem that the flu presents for students is its...

Niki’s Guide: take a mental health day

Niki May, staff writers

March 19, 2013

Arriving at school unprepared, unfocused, or exhausted will not benefit a student. It will hinder student success on an exam or a typical day of school. Even those who strive to be the best students possible can slip up every now and then. The solution to this problem is taking a mental health day. Sometimes...

Niki’s Guide: socialization benefits students

Niki May, staff writers

March 15, 2013

Students could benefit by surrounding themselves with peers that have better work ethics than they do. Social pressure provides external motivation without the stress of disappointment that comes with parental or teacher pressure. In class, those who are focused on the lesson and are generally not...

The Little Things: try some big picture thinking

Rachel Rogers, online editor

March 12, 2013

In life, students often face clashes in their schedule, such as choosing to study for that big test or complete their homework for another class. Even worse is when major, time consuming events are planned for the same day. I recently learned that I have a college visit on the same day as a group...

The Little Things: spring sport stress

Rachel Rogers, online editor

March 5, 2013

Coaches and athletes alike use the early days of March for intense practicing and the honing of athletic abilities. With only two weeks until most opening season games, many students may find themselves bogged down by stress in their individual sports. There are many large problems, such a juggling...

Niki’s Guide: do homework

Niki May, staff writers

March 5, 2013

Student stress levels should decrease if better work habits are employed. By doing homework the day assigned, students will better remember the material as well as eliminate procrastination. Often, students quickly complete worksheets just before the class begins or copy the homework from a friend....

Niki’s Guide: athletics to help with academics

Niki May, staff writers

February 25, 2013

Students that excel in sports, but have lacking grades should focus on using their athletic motivation to succeed in academics. In general, if a grade is low in a class, missing assignments is probably a contributing factor. While working out, athletes continue to motivate and push themselves through...

From the Hill: Redskins name stays a controversy

Matt Dopsovic, staff writer

February 15, 2013

Normally I do not talk about sports, especially football, but I felt like this needed some attention. Once again, controversy has come up about the Washington Redskins’ name and mascot. An ongoing debate that has spanned the past 20 years, has resurfaced this weekend after the National Museum of...

Foodie and the Feast: breakfast on-the-go

Gargie Nagarkar, online news editor

February 8, 2013

Everyone knows about the importance of breakfast. It helps keep students focused during class and they perform better on tests than those who skipped out on breakfast, but knowing this does not always persuade students to make the change. Some find it difficult to eat so early in the morning. Others...

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