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Sights from The Sentinel’s trip to New York City

Marc Goldstein and Catie Ries

November 8, 2019

Recently, certain members of the Sentinel and Freebird Yearbook staff took a trip to New York City for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Fall Conference. This was the 80th conference that Columbia University has hosted. Students and staff went up a day before to explore in Times Square for a f...

Spirit week recap 2015-16 school year

Marshall Gordon, editor/ business manager

October 26, 2015

South Lakes kicks 2015-2016 school year with a fun filled spirit week. Teachers, administrators, and students all participated in the spirit days, which are listed below.   Monday: Patriotic Day Tuesday: Country club vs western day Wednesday: Class color day Thursday: Decades...

Fourteen memorable moments for the Class of 2014

The senior wall was signed Sept. 20 for a second time after it was vandalized.

Viviana Del Toro, business manager

June 16, 2014

Business manager Viviana Del Toro created a photo gallery showcasing highlights from the past four years.

Students explore Reston lakes in free time

Students explore Reston lakes in free time

Jessie Kreson, staff writer

June 9, 2014

The lakes around Reston bring large numbers of people in the spring and summer months. The most widely visited lake by students is Lake Audubon. Students enjoy the opportunity for swimming, canoeing, jogging, and tanning while taking in the nature of Reston. The Lake Audubon trail is 2.8 miles through...

Boys lacrosse players sport mohawks

Senior midfielder Ben Bush sports a mulhawk.

Grace Erard, online editor

May 27, 2014

Boys lacrosse players celebrated making Liberty Conference semifinals by shaving their heads in the parking lot after practice Monday, May 19.

Leadership hosts first Sadie Hawkins dance

Students socialize at the beginning of the Sadie Hawkins Dance Feb. 7. The dance started at 8:00 p.m. and ended at 11:00 p.m.

Alexa Amster, editor

February 11, 2014

For the first time ever, South Lakes hosted its first Sadie Hawkins dance last Friday, Feb. 7. Girls used creativity in asking their dates to the dance, using treats, posters, and even costumes. Over 100 tickets for the event were sold. The Grease-themed dance was held in the school gym. GSA and...

Alum magician Derek Jasper (Wahdan) returns to South Lakes for one night

Alum Derek Jasper (Wahdan) during his second to last magic trick during his one-man Show on Feb. 7

Alexa Amster, editor

February 11, 2014

Class of 2013 alum Derek Wahdan, stagename Derek Jasper, came back to South Lakes for a one-night magic show Feb. 7. Jasper promoted the event throughout the week during lunches by performing magic tricks on students.

Varsity wrestling celebrates senior night during double duel

Varsity wrestling celebrates senior night during double duel

Grace Erard, online editor

January 17, 2014

Senior wrestlers hit the mats for the final time at South Lakes as they took on Hayfield and Mclean in a double duel Thursday. Senior captain Josh Forrest , who just returned to competition after tearing his meniscus a month ago, remarked before the event that he welcomed the challenge. “It’s...

Winter pep rally fires up Seahawks before rivalry basketball games

Dance team members and male basketball players strike a pose after their joint performance during the winter pep rally.

Grace Erard, online editor

December 21, 2013

Leadership students, namely senior executive counsel member Rebecca Malaret and members of her organizational agency, put on a winter pep rally Friday, Dec. 20. The purpose of the pep rally was to kick off-winter beak, celebrate winter sports teams, and build hype before the rivalry basketball games...

Students, faculty participate in annual gingerbread competition

Students and faculty formed teams and participated in the annual gingerbread competition.

Jessie Kreson and Sarah Wood, staff writer and student life editor

December 19, 2013

Seahawk students and faculty showed off their inner creativity during the eighth annual Gingerbread Contest Dec. 16 from 2:15 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. The competitors assembled their houses in the cafeteria. The houses were then transported into the lecture hall where they were judged Dec. 17 and Dec....

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