The Little Things: spring sport stress

Rachel Rogers, online editor

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Coaches and athletes alike use the early days of March for intense practicing and the honing of athletic abilities. With only two weeks until most opening season games, many students may find themselves bogged down by stress in their individual sports.

There are many large problems, such a juggling sports and academics. However, many small nuisances also present themselves.

For example, as a softball player I am faced with an annual problem. There is a constant stream of lacrosse balls that fly onto our fenced in field, disrupting our practices. However softball is like any other sport and it is not reasonable for one student to become angry over the lack of athletic ability in another. For any student on a team, the one thing to remember is that it is only the beginning of the season, and thus many students are rusty when it comes to their individual sport.

Accuracy comes with practice, and sometimes that means lacrosse balls flying dangerously close to diligently working softball players.

For student athletes that are stressed with their current athletic abilities, or that of a team mate, it is important to remember that there is a whole season ahead. What may look bad today may be fixed tomorrow, and the best way to help your team and your sport it to focus on your own skills first before that of other players.

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