Practice is necessary for success

You cannot succeed if you do not practice. In softball, repetition is essential to furthering your skills.

There is no doubt that games can be more exciting. You have an opponent, something at stake, and a time limit to reach your goal. Many believe that when compared to practice, games are more of a priority. In reality however, it should be the other way around.

Think about it this way, if you are looking to improve your skills which will benefit you more, would you rather field two balls in one game or take 100 in practice? In order to perform well in games, attending practice is mandatory.

When you do not show up to practice, you hurting not only yourself but also your teammates. When only three out of 15 players show up to practice, there is very little that can be achieved. If 10 or so players come, then practice can be productive and fun.

There are times when it is appropriate to miss practice including sickness or major testing. Missing practice consistently on the other hand should not be occurring.

If you have a lot of homework than plan around it. If you get your homework done in advance, you can attend practice. All you have to do is spread it out.

When you tryout for a team and make the cut, especially when you get older, you are signing an unspoken contract stating your dedication to the team. Being dedicated to a team means attending all practices unless there is a legitimate excuse. It is important to always give it your all.