The off-season

No amount of prayers or hopeful wishes can keep the cold weather away. As the fall season progresses, the weather gets worse. Even over a weeks span, the temperature fluctuates from the mid 70’s to the mid 40’s.

There is no question that, unless you have an indoor field, it is nearly impossible to play softball outside all year around. If someone even attempts to, they could sick, have damaged gear, and would have endured a horrible experience.

When you play softball, the winter limits practice time. There are different routines to work on such as simple mechanics that are just as important as a typical outdoor practice.

The off-season symbolizes the period of time without games. It however, is not a time when you should go months without playing softball and then picking it up for the first time at training in the spring.

Everyone prefers playing softball outdoors but unfortunately, that does not always happen. It is important to remember that the work you put into off-season reflects during the spring season. You should be giving 100 percent all year-long.