Your teammates are a significant part of your softball life. Without them you would not have a team to play on, anyone to practice with, or experience the special bond that only exists between teammates.

Teammates need to have each others back, that is the only way a team can and will function properly. When you are off the field you can be buddy-buddy with whoever you want but when you step onto the field you need each other.

Every softball team wants to succeed but if you do not work together then the probability that you will win drops significantly. Even though only nine of you can be on the field at a time it is not you against them. If you cannot realize this fact than playing softball will become just that much harder.

You cannot look at your teammates as your opponents, instead you should realize how much they can and will help you. Since there are only nine positions on the field you must work hard in practice to prove that you deserve one of them. In order to practice well, you need to work well together and if you are constantly hoping the others fail then you will be in trouble.

Instead of working against each other, work with each other. If everyone gives 100 percent of their effort all the time then you will improve both individually and as a team.

When you can work together and get along a special bond is created. It is likely that if you all share the same passion for the game then often you realize you have more in common than just that. The bond of teammates is something that is near impossible to break.

To sum it up, your teammates are an essential part to your ability to play softball. Not only that but you would be amazed by how often a lasting friendship is formed from being on the field.