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QRU? First year English teacher Lea Civiello

QRU? First year English teacher Lea Civiello

Nora Sanchez, online writer

October 15, 2012

Lea Civiello is a new English teacher for freshmen and sophomores at South Lakes. What made you want to be a teacher, and have you always wanted to be one? I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in the ninth or tenth grade. I used to tutor my brother and his friends and I loved that lig...

QRU? Senior Chris Jennings describes folk metal moment in Europe

Lily Shtuhl, staff writer

October 11, 2012

Today is International Day, so senior Chris Jennings shares a summer experience in Europe. Want to get a taste of folk metal? Check out What did you do this summer? I traveled to France and Germany to follow a tour of my favorite folk metal group, Teut...

QRU? Francis Bowen

Zainab Qamar, staff writer

October 9, 2012

Freshman Francis Bowen has a father who travels around the world to work in different embassies. Through his life Bowen has joined his father and experienced the multiple cultures. What is the embassy? The embassy is the United States’ way of keeping up with foreign affairs. How often do you move? Ev...

QRU? New sophomore sub-school principal Peter Kownacki

Jade Williams, online writer

September 27, 2012

Over the summer, South Lakes administrators received a brand new smiling edition to their growing staff, Mr. Peter Kownacki. How long have you been a teacher? I worked at Robinson High for eight years as a teacher. What subjects did you teach at Robinson?  I taught World History 2, IB 20th C...

QRU? Oskar Kylvag

QRU? Oskar Kylvag

Rachel Rogers, online editor

September 19, 2012

In the summer of 2011 senior Oskar Kylvag moved to America from Sweden to live with his father. What part of Sweden are you from? The most southern part of Sweden, a providence called Scania in a city called Helsingborg. What was the toughest part about moving? Readjusting to the way society works here was...

QRU? Erin Turner

Sarah Wood, online writer

September 18, 2012

Erin Turner joined the Physical Education and health department this year at South Lakes. How long have you been teaching gym? This is my sixth year teaching gym. Before coming to South Lakes I taught at Falls Church High School for 5 years and Mclean High School for 1 year. What got you interested in te...

QRU? Becky Oswalt

Rachel Rogers, online editor

September 17, 2012

Senior Becky Oswalt is a SGA council member who enjoys making sure the school events run smoothly for the student body. What is your official title? I am part of the Student Government Association Executive Council. What do you do? We do the morning announcements and are in charge of the event ag...

QRU? Junior exchange student Valentin Ulrich

QRU? Junior exchange student Valentin Ulrich

Viviana Del Toro, photo editor

September 13, 2012

German exchange student Valentin Ulrich moved to the United States July 25 and plans to stay until sometime in June. Where are you from? I am from Munich, Germany. I was born there and I pretty much gave up what I had there to come here. Why did you move to the United States? I like the Un...

QRU? Andi Scholl

Emily Lipscomb, special issues editor

September 13, 2012

After practicing psychology for the last 25 years in places like North Carolina and New York, Andi Scholl will become a school psychologist for South Lakes. This being your first year at South Lakes, where were you working before? Before, I was working at Crossfield Elementary and Brookfield E...

QRU? Career specialist Karen Burke

QRU? Career specialist Karen Burke

Haley Vaughn, sports editor

September 12, 2012

Karen Burke has been the career center specialist at South Lakes for the last four years. She advises students on post-secondary school options and offers guidance to all students about career options as well. Why should students visit the career center? As the career center specialist, I am...

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