Three languages, three times the enthusiasm

Leana Travis , Editor-in-Chief

We take pride in our student diversity, but not everyone is aware of our varied rotating cast of teachers. Year after year, new teachers pour in, but like the students each one has a unique story to tell. This year, we acquired a new addition to the Spanish department who goes by the name of Señora Tatschl. There are so many qualities that set her apart, and her origin is no exception. Señora Tatschl’s roots take us across the Atlantic and over to France. She grew up in France, and with her father being French and her mother being American, she grew up speaking both French and English. She attended Virginia Tech, and it turns out that she didn’t initially plan on majoring in Spanish. “I originally was going to major in a business-type field and then minor in Spanish, but then I switched it and ended up just majoring in Spanish,” she says. She isn’t a native speaker, so she had to learn Spanish, as well, but her love for the language began in middle school and continued as she took classes throughout college. 

She is new to teaching, and while it can be difficult to navigate the new territory she really loves the job. There are many aspects of teaching, but her favorite part of it all is connecting with the students. With the responsibilities that come with being a teacher, it’s not always the most exciting of jobs, but Señora Tatschl says that getting to know the students, learning together, making mistakes together and overall getting through the school year together is what makes it most gratifying. Teachers have the potential to majorly impact the students, but there are several specific qualities that make a teacher most effective. Señora Tatschl says that maintaining a positive attitude is very important. “You set the tone in your classroom, so if you’re stressed it’s going to be a stressful day, or if you’re frustrated you tend to take it out on your students-even if you don’t mean to,” she explains. 

At this stage of our lives, life can be particularly complicated and confusing, but our environment often determines our mood and attitude. The people that we surround ourselves with can have the biggest effect on us, and sometimes a smile is just infectious enough to make someone’s day.