Content creation is becoming a crucial part of businesses


Image via Social Bankers

Ismail Khan, Staff Writer

With social media becoming an ever-growing platform, kids, teens, and adults are all extremely inclined in the features media has given them. Although some of these features have been toxic to most people, it has its pros, mainly providing businesses a platform to reach a large audience. As a content creator myself, I have had several businesses and companies reach out to me in regards to promotion for themselves. 91.9% of companies now advertise online, and this number is growing.  Understanding how to create logos, videos, or graphics will slowly but surely begin to become a skill everyone will be needed to learn.


As many of you see, TikTok has recently become one of the newer social media apps that has extremely skyrocketed in popularity in just a few months. Users upload, edit and post videos on their page. That teaches them how to do small edits such as adding music to their videos and cutting up their clips. I cannot emphasize enough the amount of people who will pay you to do a simple edit because they have no idea what to do. With these apps like TikTok without even knowing, users are creating skillful videos that are impressive to the regular person. 


When creating content, you have to use your imagination and creativity. Businesses look for people who can run their platforms who have the creativity that will attract audiences. The human attention span is only eight seconds. Meaning, you have to grab the viewer within the first 8 seconds to make them keep watching. This is also why most commercials have several-fast cuts.


In our modern society, a lot of people want to “be their own boss” and create their own successful businesses. There are obviously several steps to that but the main step is the content and promotion they produce. Learning these skills will be essential and can be a big way for one to earn income.