Get to Know Assistant Principal Mr.Condill


 Meet the assistant principal for the class of 2025! Mr.Condill is always showing a friendly face in the hallway and ready to lend a helping hand. However, many students don’t know all of the tasks that being an assistant principal comes with.


 Being an assistant principal comes with a lot of responsibilities. Mr.Condill definitely works hard here at South Lakes, and never folds under the pressure. Along with responsibility, there are also a bunch of tasks that are required for the job.


 “I oversee the social studies and science department, so I help work with all of those teachers. I’m also in charge of the ninth grade class,” Assistant Principal Mr.Condill explains.


 Despite this being Mr.Condill’s first year at South Lakes, he has no lack of experience as an assistant principal. Previously, he was an A.P for Thoreau Middle School for five years. Going from a middle school to a high school certainly takes an adjustment, but he is fitting in just fine.


 “This is such a big school, so getting used to that has definitely been an adjustment for me,” Mr.Condill adds.


 Along with a size adjustment, there are also a bunch of new activities that go along with our highschool. Being a part of the larger community is a point of excitement for Mr.Condill, and he enjoys the many opportunities and events that South Lakes incorporates.


 “I can remember the parade and homecoming, that whole week was fun. Going to the ball games and seeing all of the events in school, that’s been the most fun for me. Seeing all of the student involvement,” Mr.Condill highlights.


 Throughout his year at South Lakes, Mr.Condill has acquired new information and advice for students at South Lakes. He is looking forward to seeing what the class of 2025 does over the next three years, and he is sure to be very helpful as the 2025 class continues their highschool careers.


 “Be kind to each other, treat people the right way. When you’re in school, come ready to do your best and everything will be fine,” Mr.Condill concludes.