Public Art Project

Nora Sanchez, online writer

Reston is known for being a city that is very close to nature. For example, there are many lakes, but people are usually put off by the not-so attractive concrete boxes that seem to be floating on top. These are drains, and the art club wants to make them into conversation centerpieces for Reston.

“The public art project is an opportunity for students to have an effect on what is seen as public art in Reston,” art teacher Marco Rando said. “The project is experimental. It’s a discovery for everybody, not only for the students, but the RA and IPAR who are the institutions that assist in helping students see this project to fruition.”

Art club is focusing on the drains highly visible to the streets that go across Lake Thoreau and Lake Anne. The work will only be temporary; Rando’s plan is to have it change every one to two years.

“Any student can get involved; you don’t have to have an art background.” Rando said. “There are many aspects of doing public art from managing to design to fabrication and to public affairs. To students that have any interest in these fields, it’s a great experience.”

James Pan of IPAR started this public art initiative. He envisioned the piece to be a conversation starter.  

Rando recently planned a meeting with James Pan, and other sponsors, to be held April 8 in room 364, located in the art wing.