Seahawks honor alumus Naval Commander Halle Dunn in flag raising ceremony


Phil Dignan


Each November, we honor our military veterans in a day of remembrance.

This past Nov. 13, South Lakes raised the flag of Class of 1990 alumnus Naval Commander Halle Dunn. Dunn currently resides in Ghazni, Afghanistan, serving as an active member of the Navy on the Provincial Reconstruction Team.

At the ceremony, Dunn’s younger brother, Patrick Dunn, read a speech composed by his older brother.

“Something my team and I have learned since arriving in Afghanistan is that the appreciation of military comes from everywhere, across the country and around the world,” Dunn said. “But the best appreciation comes from home. For me, home is Reston and South Lakes High School.”

Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins was in attendance at the ceremony, where she also read a speech.

“I am proud the individual we have chosen to symbolize the dedication of our military service comes from our Reston Community,” Hudgins said. “His South Lakes education gave him the foundation upon which he has built a highly successful Navy career.”

Dunn gave South Lakes the flag as a token of appreciation.

“Please accept, in return, this flag which was once flown over our forward operating base in Ghazni as a symbol of all we fondly remember about home,” Dunn said. “Go Seahawks and God bless America.”