Mandatory nature of MYP Project for sophomores creates controversary

Sami Saab, graphics editor

The Middle Years Program project is a requirement for every student in their sophomore year.

Some students find potential in the project but still disagree with the fact that it is mandatory for students to participate in. In a poll of 100 students, 96 students said that the MYP program is unnecessary, while 4 students said that it should be necessary.

English teacher Daina Leiberman is the MYP coordinator and believes that the MYP Personal Project is a wonderful opportunity for students to study what they’re passionate about.

“It’s not often in high school that students are encouraged to choose their own topic of interest and create something amazing based on that topic,” Leiberman said. “The Personal Project is great preparation for junior and senior year of high school, for college, the military, or any career a student may choose, since it teaches organization, time management, and personal motivation”

Although Leiberman finds the MYP project to be marvelous, sophomore Vicki Campbell finds the project to be tedious.

“I don’t like the MYP project,” Campbell said. “We already have a lot of projects in 10th grade. Why add another? I think it should be optional, maybe for extra credits or points towards a class or something.”

The MYP project is considered time consuming and not worth it. Even some of the juniors, who completed the MYP project last year, find the project to be bothersome.

“I did not care for the MYP project,” junior Alex Sedgwick said. “I personally found it to be confusing as well as time consuming. I think this project should not be mandatory, perhaps just as an option for the people getting the IB diploma.”

Some students like Campbell and Sedgwick, thinks that the MYP project should be optional for non honors classes and mandatory for classes like Honors and IB.

“I think it should be like the science fair,” said sophomore Jacob Kemp. “Required for honors students, but not for non-honors students. However, the non-honors students could do it if they want.”

While some students think the project shouldn’t be mandatory, there are those who enjoy the project and think the MYP project should be mandatory.

“I think it should be mandatory,” sophomore Jocelyn Teague said. “While it’s a project for a grade, you can still do whatever you want which could be really interesting if you had been planning on doing something and never found the time or reason to do so.”

The final project is due Monday, March 17 and the MYP Personal Project Fair will be in Tuesday, April 8.