NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY: How to and why you should vote

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Helen Ehrlich, Staff Writer

          Over the past year, teenagers have become more and more involved in politics and activism. While marching, protests, and contacting our representatives is incredibly important and helpful, there is only one thing that can make the biggest impact: voting. Millenials and gen-z, your generations have the most voters of any generation. If you vote it will matter. Here are your steps on how to vote.


          Before you vote make sure…

  • You are Virginia resident.
  • You are a U.S. citizen
  • You are 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election.
  • You are not registered or planning to vote in another state.
  • You have NOT been
    • Judged to be mentally incompetent by a circuit court, unless your rights have been restored by the circuit court.
    • Convicted of a felony, unless your rights have been restored. – Check the Secretary of the Commonwealth website to find out how to restore your rights




  • The easiest way to vote is to text REGISTER to 644-33
  • You cannot vote if you don’t register
  • The deadline is October 15th!
  • “Virginia offers online voter registration. You can register to vote by mail in Virginia by printing a copy of the National Voter Registration Form, filling it out, and mailing it to your local election office. You can also register to vote in person if you prefer.”
  • You can check to make sure you’re registered at


          Educate yourself on candidates


  • Who you should vote for if you support GUN CONTROL, WOMEN’S RIGHTS, and LEFT leaning policies
    • Tim Kaine (Senate)
    • Jennifer Wexton (10th District)
    • Connolly (11th District)


  • Who you should vote for if you support RIGHT leaning policies
    • Corey Stewart (Senate)
      • A note about Stewart:

          Corey Stewart is an unabashed “neo-conservative” and neo-nazi sympathizer. He is vehemently anti-semitic and racist, refuses to tear down confederate statues, helped support the “Unite The Right Rally” in Charlottesville, is backed by the KKK, waves the confederate flag, hates “yankees” (northerners) and is a “proud southerner” despite the fact he is from Minnesota.

  • Barbara Comstock (10th district)
  • Jeff Dove (11th district)