Snow Days Ahead?

Jordan Anderson, Staff Writer

  Get ready for snow days and 2 hour delays, because local forecasters predict that there will be a huge amount of snow in January and February. The Washington Post stated that there will be 20 to 30 inches of snow. The Northern Virginia area receives 15.4 inches of snow on average. The Chief Forecaster at WeatherBell, Joe Bastardi, asserts that as much as 34 inches of snow could drop this season. This prediction is induced by El Nino, which generates a high snowfall.

  In the past, many students at South Lakes enjoy the extra time to do homework, play in the snow, or do other outdoor activities.

 “I love when there is a snow day because I can sleep in and hang out with my siblings”. Jade Pequignet, a senior, commented.

  Fox also released an article stating that they “favor a colder than normal winter”. If the Washington Post’s, Fox’s, and WeatherBell’s forecasts are all accurate, then Northern Virginia students can enjoy, yet again, a cold winter.