Rabid animals roam the roads of Fairfax County

Jordan Anderson, staff writer

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If you are planning on taking a casual stroll after a long day of school, consider a different activity. An alarming amount of rabid animal attacks have arisen in Fairfax County.

“Fairfax County is endemic for rabies. We have one of the higher rabies burdens in the country. Typically we have 40 to 60 rabid animals per year but generally they’re spread around the county. They’re not clustered,” Fairfax County Health Department’s rabies director, Bryant Bullocks stated.

Elise Morelli, a lifelong resident of Centerville, said that she has “never heard of this many [rabid animals] in a concentrated area”.

The Fairfax County Health Department placed informative flyers on the doors and windshields of residents located in the rabid areas, primarily Centerville. In Fairfax County alone, 20 animals have been confirmed for rabies. Between September 6th- 28th, one racoon and three skunks have been tested positive. The Health Department advises people to contact them immediately if a person or pet has been bitten by a rabid animal. The department also recommends to not allow pets to wander the neighborhood unattended.

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