Virginia Boys State Info

Virginia Boys State Information

Date: June 16-22, 2018

Place: Radford University

You must be able to attend during these dates to be considered as an applicant.

About Boys State:

Only young men, who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and have at least one semester of high school remaining, are eligible.

Any boy who has previously attended a Boys State is not eligible to attend a second session.

Outstanding qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty and service to their schools and community are considered.

The applicant should exhibit an interest in the governmental process.

The applicant will have above average scholastic standing.

The prospective delegate and their parents must be residents of the state of Virginia.

Boys State Objectives

Boys State is a non-partisan program which encompasses the following objectives:

To develop civic leadership and pride in American Citizenship.

To develop an interest in the detailed study of our government.

To develop in the citizens a determination to maintain our form of government, primarily by bringing them to the realization of how great it is to be an American.

To develop a sense of individual obligation to the Community, State and Nation.

Program Highlights

Boys State is a learning experience in practical democracy.

-Citizens learn the political process through the election process for the offices of the mythical 51st state.

-Each delegate is assigned to a political party which has no philosophy or platform until the delegates develop one.

– Delegates use the basic laws and procedures of the State of Virginia as a guide for their week.

-Speakers from all levels of government provide valuable lessons for the delegates.

-A highly qualified staff provides guidance and leadership.

The American Legion will choose the top two applications submitted from both South Lakes High School and Herndon High Schools. The American Llegion Post #184 will sponsor TWO junior boys ($400 each). An alternate may or may not be chosen.


Please see Ms. Campbell to fill out the necessary form and return it to the Career Center no later than Thursday, February 7, 2019 before 3:00pm. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!

Candidate interviews will be March 20, 2019 @ 7:30pm American Legion 779 Center St. 2nd Floor, Herndon, VA

Candidate Selection and notification- no later than April 24, 2019

*All info taken from Ms. Campbell’s emails