Kidnapping attempt on Governor of Virginia


Image via NBC News

Connor Amolsch, Staff Writer

An anti-government plot to kidnap Governor Ralph Northom of Virginia and Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, was revealed in early October of 2020, after it was thwarted by the FBI. These allegations come amid another possible set of tighter restrictions put on the nation, as the number of COVID-19 cases once again surge upward in the country. 


The organization Wolverine Watchmen, styles themself as an anti-government paramilitary group. The plots were in reaction to the stricter restrictions placed by both Governor Northam and Governor Whitmer, both of whom are Democrats. The plot for potential kidnappings was brought to the attention of both governors’ security forces, but neither of the governors were told of the plot, per regulations. Governor Northom’s security detail has maintained that the governor was never in danger. The plot against Governor Northom’s was only meant to be carried out if the kidnapping of Governor Whitmer was successful. 

Image via NBC

The plot was discovered by multiple FBI agents undercover in the Wolverine Watchmen, who have testified in court against the group. Multiple members of the group were caught on video rehearsing the plan to take the governor. In the video they are using military style assault weapons, namely AR-15s firing live 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition rounds. Training also included how to extract hostages and clear buildings. According to FBI agent Richard Trask, who is one of the agents who uncovered the plot, members of the group even cased Governor Witmer’s vacation home to assess how easy kidnapping her would be from there.

Image via MLive

Many fear that this plot was fueled by the “Free Michigan” and “Free Virginia” posts by the President and many other right-wing figures.