Northern Virginia Isis Threat


Photo via WTOP

On Halloween weekend, police increased their presence across all malls and shopping centers in Northern Virginia. This is due to the threat to the public’s safety from the terrorist group, Isis. The threat was for that weekend, however, the increased amount of police stayed until the elections were over. The areas targeted were places where there would be a significant amount of people present. 

The police received the information of this threat on Thursday, October 28. It was asked that all potential suspicious activity be reported. The police responded to this threat as they do on any other larger holidays that could lead to risk of safety, such as Christmas and the 4th of July. This was a large-scale serious threat that resulted in a public alert.

Over that Halloween weekend, there were various events planned for the community in local areas. One of these events includes the Reston Town Centers trick-or-treat event that was scheduled during the day on Halloween. Another event that takes place during Halloween weekend is the “Mall-O-Ween” trick-or-treating event at the Dulles Shopping center in the Sterling Mall. Both of these occasions had to be cancelled due to the Isis threat. Many people remained home, to prevent their risk of safety during this unpredictable time.

All surrounding counties were aware of this risk and took precautions to protect the public. Thus, Prince William and Alexandria police departments made it known that they were aware of these threats and “ will increase patrols in high visibility locations and continue to encourage residents and visitors to report any suspicious activity by calling 911.” This threat cleared and, thankfully, no bad events took place.