Lake Anne’s Renovations and Repairs


Photo via Reston Now

Lake Anne has been a populous community since the 1960’s, however, changes need to be made. The newly elected Lake Anne Condominium Association president, George Hadjikyriakou, is ready to take on this challenge. He was elected following the October 2021 election. He and his wife, Vicky, own Kalypso’s Sports Tavern at the Lake Anne Plaza.

There are many actions that need to take place, but “first priorities are to first and foremost establish a more open and transparent organization, follow our bylaws and the Virginia Condo Act, and to focus on the infrastructure repairs noted in the County’s report,” said George Hadjikyriakou. After an extensive list of needed repairs was created, the costs to fix these issues is over $37.7 million. These repairs can’t wait much longer as $20 million have been identified as high-priority issues that could lead to safety hazards. 

A few of these issues include roof replacements and elevator replacements that would require around $2.9 million, over $1.3 million in parking lots for cracks and potholes, and the fixing for damaged brick, concrete, etc. 

The Lake Anne community has experienced infrastructure problems that led to many tenants without hot water for months. “Our priorities, as a community, should be to ensure that our neighbors can have consistent heat, air conditioning, hot water, and no more water intrusion to their units causing unhealthy living conditions,” Hadjikyriakou stated. The county’s Architectural Review Board and Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Walter Alcorn, has shown interest in the community; this could lead to additional funding sources. The Gupta’s agreed to contribute $25,000 from their foundation towards the Lake Anne project. The Lake Anne Plaza is enjoyed by everyone ““It’s not just the owners. So we thought we could get some funding from different organizations, which might happen. In addition, we could raise money from the wider investment community. Then we could do something that gives hope.” Shashi Gupta stated. 

During these renovations, Hadjikyriakou asks that the people be patient and allow them to prioritize the necessary fixes in order to protect the current and future community. It is a project to help better the community and create positive change.