Clyde’s of Reston is closing


Photo via Clydes Restaurant Group

Clyde’s is preparing its last meal on May 21, 2022. After being such a key restaurant in Reston Town Center for 31 years, it is officially leaving.

Clyde’s is a restaurant and bar that has 13 locations in the Washington-Metropolitan area. The restaurant has a very friendly environment, not to mention the delicious food. After being there for such a long time, Clyde’s has become a prominent restaurant in Reston Town Center, as well as many people’s staple restaurant for any occasion.

Although this is a shock to many, there is speculation that another Clyde’s might be coming to the Reston area. When CGR president John McDonnell was giving a speech on the removal of Clyde’s, he did not give a specific reason for why they are leaving. He did, however, imply that Clyde’s is planning big things that should excite the population.

“We are very excited about the growth and development activity in the area, and are eager to share some big news soon,” McDonnell says. Although this doesn’t say much, it allows for some anticipation for what could be coming, or where they could relocate.

The news has been an upset to a large part of the Reston community, as this restaurant has become such a vital part of the area. That said, people are still excited to see what the next steps for Clyde’s include, and what may be taking the place of the famed restaurant.