Migos Rapper Takeoff Dies at 28


Image via Chron

Takeoff, member of the rap trio Migos, was killed in a shooting in the early morning of Tuesday, November 1. Police were called to a private party at 810 Billards and Bowling in Houston around 2:34 am, where they found the rapper dead at only 28 years old. News of his death shook the hip-hop community, with celebrities and hip-hop fans expressing their frustrations and condolences to family on social media.


Police were informed by employees that an argument took place after the party, and a large group was gathered at the exit, where the gun was pulled. A 23 year old man and a 24 year old woman were also injured in the shooting, but experienced non-life threatening injuries and took themselves to the hospital. 


Takeoff was described as a nonviolent man, and his record label Quality Control claimed that he was killed by a “stray bullet” and was likely not the intended target. “It is with broken hearts and deep sadness that we mourn the loss of our beloved brother Kirsnick Khari Ball, known to the world as Takeoff,” the label posted on Instagram.


Houston police chief Troy Finner stated: “I would not expect him to be involved but I do want to wait on the investigation – but we have no reason to believe that he was involved in anything criminal at the time, just as people describe him as very peaceful, loving, a great entertainer.” He urged witnesses to come forward with information.


Houston mayor Sylvester Turner met with Takeoff’s mother to express his condolences: “It doesn’t matter how famous you are. You may not be famous at all. Anybody who loses his or her life is a life lost, and there are family members and friends who are grieving as a result.”


Celebrities, many of whom were collaborators and friends, expressed their sadness in the aftermath of Takeoff’s death. 


“This is horrible. From the tragedy of the death to the tragedy of there being a video of it online,” actress Keke Palmer wrote on Instagram. Gucci Mane, who recently worked with Takeoff on the track “Us vs. Them,” wrote that the incident “broke [his] heart” on Instagram as well. 


Days before his death, in a conversation on the podcast “Drink Champs,” Takeoff welcomed the recognition he was receiving for his performance in the music video “Messy”: “It’s time to pop it, you know what I mean? It’s time to give me my flowers, you know what I mean?,” Takeoff said. “I don’t want them later on when I ain’t here.”