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Commentary: save prom for senior year

Haley Vaughn, Weekly Wall editor

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Limousines, high heels, and corsages: all glamorous attributes expected to be a part of the magic night that pop culture has defined as the biggest event in the high school experience.

The popularity of prom in today’s culture has metamorphosed the celebration into a posh merriment demanding both time and money that most high school students do not have.

This is understandable for seniors wanting to create lasting memories of their last days in high school. My real question is what is it that the juniors partaking in this extravaganza are celebrating exactly?

Prom traditionally is a rite of passage to graduation, and meant to cap off senior year. It seems a little frivolous to join in this celebration as a junior.

The end of the school year is always the most stressful for juniors, so why add the extra drama guaranteed with the prom experience?

Students without a source of personal income are overcome by the expenses alone. Most attendees of the dance will be exhibiting themselves in sumptuous attire while riding in dainty party buses to eat at winsome restaurants, later to attend a dance in which a pair of tickets would cost around $100.

The date of the dance is at the time of the year when students need to focus on upcoming finals and IB assessments.

If you are an athlete, you have even less time to spare. With practices every day and games or meets on weekends, it is hard to find appropriate time to prepare for the big night.

Not to mention all the emotional baggage this experience can create for the fragile hormonal teens we are. 

Sure, there are many upsides to prom. Memories will be made and the pictures will last forever.

But juniors, why not save this experience for our final year?

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Commentary: save prom for senior year