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Commentary: brawling in business class

Rachel Rogers, Seahawk Stories editor

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Today I was walking to my English class, pushing through the usual mob of teenagers that do not know how to walk down a hallway, when I came across a particularly big blockage in front of the English hallway.

My first thought was, why were these students so ignorant that they could not even navigate these halls correctly? My next thought, prompted by my newspaper-esque character, was what happened?

Rumor has it that this blockage occurred when straight-laced business students instigated a fight in the classroom, presumably in black suits and ties. Sadly, this is all the information I could get, since the fight became old news within ten minutes.

This reaction worries me more about the school I attend than the fight itself.

I know we are a reformed school and that this institution has come a long way from prior times, but I question how reformed this school is when crowd-drawing classroom fights are the norm.

Personally I have never seen a fight happen in this school, which is good because I would probably jump in to beat some sense into the students fighting. However, this fight is not the first, third, or even sixth one I have heard about this year, let alone in all my three years in high school.

Also, as a member of our prestigious newspaper, I have never seen a story about any of the scuffles that plague our hallways and classrooms.

As I have said before, these fights are not important enough to write about, yet they are frequent enough that they are old news.

They are old news that the school does not cover or even recognize.

I am not saying that I attend a dangerous school. It is not like we are Herndon.

If you keep your nose clean like I do, then you are sure to steer clear of the small skirmishes that some of your more hot-tempered classmates partake in.

I just want to bring attention to these fights. I have not seen them personally, but it would be foolish to think that I go to a school that lacks these acts of violence.

Maybe there will be a day when students finally realize that a school is no place to participate in meaningless fights.

Of course, this is about as likely as students learning the proper way to walk through the halls.

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Commentary: brawling in business class