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Commentary: what is wrong with the weather?

Viviana Del Toro, staff writer

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Yesterday I woke early in a positive mood, hoping for a beautiful, sunny day. I laid in bed, fantasizing over how amazing my day was going to be at school today.

 I could hear the birds chirping, but I also heard what sounded suspiciously like bad weather.

I hoped that the wind was just blowing.

I sat up, checked the weather on my iPhone, and threw myself back on the bed. The forecast predicted rain and thunder with high temperature of 84 and low of 59.

 I thought to myself, wow, you got to be kidding me, and went back to sleep for a few more minutes hoping perhaps this was all a dream. Unfortunately, this dream resulted in a shortage of time so I ended up rushing to catch the bus on time.

On my way out I did not check to see if the weather had actually changed, so I ran straight into the rain.

Already stressed and worrying about missing the bus, I ran inside in search of an umbrella. I did not find one on the main floor so I ran up to my room in search for another.

When I finally found one, I sprinted to my bus because it was about to leave me behind.

I sat silently in the bus the entire ride, totally shocked that I made it in time and upset about the weather.

A good 30 minutes go by and I finally arrive to school, umbrella in hand, and ready to face the rain that nearly made me late. Then I notice that nobody is holding theirs open.

I walk out and the rain has stopped.

What is wrong with the weather? I think. First it rains, and then it’s sunny all of a sudden?

Honestly, I do not understand what is with Mother Nature this year. It hardly snowed last winter and now bipolar weather has made its way to Reston.

Now, thanks to the humidity and rushing around my hair was not only messy, but also extremely frizzy.

I can only hope summer turns out better then spring.

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The news site of South Lakes High School.
Commentary: what is wrong with the weather?