Guest commentary: Hype Squad, lost and not yet found

Becky Oswalt, Guest Writer

“School spirit” has characterized my past three years at South Lakes. But this year, I overheard a student say that our “home events” tend to “lack participation.”

I was offended, until I realized that the student actually had a point.

I witnessed as the student section at football games went from being packed at the Herndon game to a group of only five Hype Squad members at senior night. And I do not even want to mention the winter pep rally, where half of the senior class was missing and the faculty Hype Squad completely showed us up.

Come on, it is time for us to make a change and show our Seahawk pride. We are so lucky to go to South Lakes—not that other schools are not great too. I am just saying that on Twitter, Herndon has Herndon Gossip and we have Seahawk Shoutout.

Catch my drift?

You cannot deny that South Lakes is a caring place. Just last week, boxes in the main office were overflowing with coats donated to the coat drive for members of our community in need.

This is an amazing, loving school filled with an incredible faculty and a spectacular, diverse student body.

We have to step up and show our support for our school by making a significant showing at home games.

However, we should also make an effort to attend other events, such as the upcoming Soaring Seahawk Student Showcase on February 26. This is a perfect opportunity to show our support for our fellow Seahawks as they show off their talents.

Plus, Miss DC is the MC for the event which will be judged by Miss USA. If you do not attend that event, then I do not know what you would come to.

Now, I realize that there are seniors suffering from “senioritis” who have already checked out of school, but this is our last chance, so we must do all we can. After all, we’re the ones with the spirit stick in our subschool, are we not?

And to underclassmen, you are the future of South Lakes hype, so do not let us down.