New late bus schedule creates problems for many students


In past years, students were given the opportunity to take the late buses home on two different days. However, late buses are now only offered on Wednesdays.

For those students who cannot drive, the late bus is one of the most convenient ways to get home. It allows students to stay after school on days when their parents might work or would not have another mode of transportation available.

With two late bus days, students could schedule accordingly with two different subject teachers without worrying about finding transportation home.  If a student struggled in Math and French, she could talk to her teachers and work out a plan to work with both teachers during the same week. It would be easier to plan and easier to get home.

Even though there is now just one late bus, the majority of teachers still stay after multiple days a week. The main difference now, however, is that students staying after school to work with those teachers have to find rides home one additional day.

Due to the lack of late bus days, more students will be staying after for help on Wednesdays. While this may not seem like a bad thing, there is a higher probability that teachers will have more students than previous years, which results in a decreased amount of individual student attention.

Overall, decreasing the number of late bus days creates a negative impact on students. It is likely that students will be able to seek less help and have less access to one-on-one time with teachers.