Homework amount needs limits


A student’s daily routine consists of completing homework assignments, projects and reviewing for tests. Homework is not the most enjoyable part of the day but it is a necessary resource to practice materials learned in class.

When you create a schedule for the next upcoming school year with your counselors, it is always apparent that honors or advanced classes require more work.
However, even with the higher-level classes, there is such a thing as too much homework.

When you take multiple IB classes, the amount of work that will be thrown your way throughout the year must be accepted. However, just because you take these classes does not mean you should have to spend endless hours every day on homework.

Some days will be worse than others but when you have repetitive nights homework takes up four plus hours, something is wrong. After being at school for eight hours, students need time to relax and be social, but consuming work makes it difficult to accomplish.

If a teenager needs nine hours of sleep a night and then they are at school for eight hours, 17 of the day’s hours are gone. It leaves seven hours for students to complete homework, socialize, and participate in extracurricular activities. During some days, certain activities demand more attention than others but it should be possible to complete all your tasks.

However, when a student has more than four of homework a night, it is impossible to complete everything. Even the best planners can struggle with organizing their time properly with the abundance of homework given. The 45 minute assignments add up as multiple teachers can assign the same amount or more.

When you have a couple hours of homework every night, it means even less time to work on projects. If teachers would communicate with each other, at least about long term assignments and tests, they could make it so students do not have three tests in one day and two projects due the next.

No one says that homework should be abolished because it is beneficial, however, moderation is key. At the rate it is given out now, both a physical and mental strain gets put on students. There are simply not enough hours in a day for students to be able to spend eight hours at school, four plus hours on homework, partake in extracurricular activities, and sleeping a healthy amount.