Tips for success, surviving the stress of junior year


Junior year is stereotypically known as the “most difficult” year because of the late nights filled with endless homework, stress, SAT and ACT preparations, and college planning. To many underclassmen, junior year is already daunting and intimidating.

Though junior year can be extremely stressful, it is manageable by maintaining proper work habits, focus, and self-confidence. It may not be easy but it is certainly doable.

Finding the balance between your social and school life is crucial during the course of junior year. Creating a daily schedule filled with both study and break time can help you stay on track. For example, if homework needs to be completed before going out with friends, there is more motivation to finish the assignment since there is an event to look forward to.

At any grade level, procrastination could be a student’s ultimate demise so finding a level of focus is a key role for a successful junior year. As uninteresting as some assignments may seem, homework should not be tossed to the side and forgotten about until the last moment. It is vital to complete assignments on time or even before the due date in order to lower stress levels.

Lastly, your physical and mental well-being should be top priority throughout junior year. It is important to believe in yourself and abilities even during the most stressful times. Enter the year with a positive outlook to avoid unnecessary worry and stress.

You should enter junior year with a level of confidence and faith in yourself. Though it is a hard experience to endure, it can be very rewarding. While putting in effort and dedication, junior year may not live up to its stereotype.