From the Board: Forming counselor relationships helps during college process

Applying to college can be both a time
consuming and stressful process. It involves writing essays, filling out background information, and getting recommendations while still maintaining first semester grades. A key factor in making the process easier is building a relationship with your counselor prior to senior year.
While teacher or coach recommendations are advised but optional, colleges need to receive counselor letters. During the beginning of senior year, students were required to fill out a packet that allowed counselors to familiarize themselves with each individual before writing a recommendation. However, the answers to each question only create a formal introduction, rather than a personal
When entering high school for the first time, it should be top priority to set up a time with your counselor in order to discuss your hobbies and interests. Students should also have their counselors introduce themselves in order to add a level of comfort to the first conversation as well as future ones. As a result, a counselor can familiarize themselves with you and eventually write a more meaningful recommendation instead of a standard one.
Along with writing the recommendation, your
counselor can answer any questions about the college process which can make it much easier going forward. They are there to guide you so the most important step is taking the initiative to introduce yourself sooner rather than later.